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Product Development


We believe in the future of manufacturing. Our cutting-edge software and AI applications are here to transform the way you discover, engage, and interact with the US manufacturing economy. Our innovative technology is not just limited to government or commercial customers, it supports both, and is backed by leading venture capital investors, with DOD-engagementsements

 We are dedicated to building products that are intuitive, user-friendly, and technologically advanced, revolutionizing the way businesses approach manufacturing.


Cutting-edge software and AI applications to transform how commercial, government, and regional teams discover, engage, and interact with the US manufacturing economy 

•Dual-use technology, supporting both government and commercial customers

•Backed by leading venture capital investors

•Multiple DoD engagements


How the Sustainment Platform Works

Aggregate supply with matching algorithms to make SMB manufacturers discoverable

Captures and utilizes precise capability data to expose available capacity


Software products to digitize processes and solve key workflow challenges for all ecosystem participants

 Key Benifits

Modern, networked solution to enable the domestic manufacturing supply chain

Open Data: publicly searchable data encompasses the entire US manufacturing ecosystem for the benefit of all stakeholders (defense, industry, suppliers, support entities)

Empowering SMBs: enabling secure, direct customer relationships, communications, and connectivity between domestic manufacturers and their enterprise customers

Advanced technology: fundamentally new technologies such as machine vision, deep learning, and AI to enable more diverse and efficient cross-industry connections

Organic growth and engagement: unique incentive structure ensures self-propagating, accurate, timely information across the entire domestic manufacturing economy

Critical parts: integrated parts database and AI-based part-machine mapping capabilities to facilitate rapid response to future supply shocks

Diversity and inclusion: focused solely on domestic manufacturing to support onshoring, supplier diversity, localization, and small business engagement initiatives

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